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How To View And Sync Clipboard History On Windows 10

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The Windows Clipboard holds many things in your clipboard, such as text, images or video files, that you copy and paste to your PC. You can synchronize Windows 10 PCs and other computers.

Here’s How To Synchronize Your Windows 10 Clipboard Across Computers And Devices:

Note: The new clipboard features are available starting with the Update version of Windows 10 October 2018.

How To Turn On The Windows 10 Clipboard History?

How To View And Sync Clipboard History On Windows 10

When this setting is enabled Windows 10 saves multiple items to the clipboard. To allow their synchronization, set the “Sync across devices” switch to On.

Here, You Can Choose Any From The Below Two Options:“

  • Automatically sync text that I copy” – When you hit CTRL+C or Copy, to synchronize text that is stored in your clipboard. Images are not synced via the clipboard.“
  • Never automatically sync text that I copy” – The item that is copied is not synchronized across devices in your local clipboard unless you manually choose to synchronize it.
how to access clipboard on windows

It will take some time for the clipboard history to show up on the other screen, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

How To Manually Sync Clipboard Items From Windows 10 To Other Devices?

If you turned on the device-wide synchronization and opted “Never automatically sync text I copy,” then the clipboard items are not automatically synchronized. Click Windows+V to view the clipboard. Click on the Sync icon that looks like a cloud of the things you want to synchronize.

For synchronization, the clipboard sends it to Microsoft’s cloud, and tells you when the element was last synchronized.

How To Clear Your Clipboard History?

Follow the steps to clear your clipboard history both on your PC and on Microsoft’s servers:

Note: This won’t clear up your pinned items so you’ll have to unpin those items or manually delete them.

How To View And Sync Clipboard History On Windows 10

Windows 10 Clipboard

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