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Hurray! WhatsApp Has Now Introduced an Editing feature To Chats

Message editing, a long-requested new feature, is now available on WhatsApp.
Users will now be able to edit messages, as long as it’s within 15 minutes of sending, according to the Meta-owned messaging platform, which announced the change on Tuesday.
Edited messages will display in the chat with the label “edited” but no edit history.

Nevertheless, WhatsApp’s rivals Telegram and Signal have long provided the ability to edit messages. Additionally, last year, Twitter gave paid users access to the edit button.

Users of the messaging app WhatsApp will now be able to edit messages, In comparison to Telegram, where users have up to 48 hours to edit their messages, WhatsApp’s 15-minute window is extremely brief. However, there is a chance that WhatsApp will increase the window. The chat app extended the period of time needed to delete a message from 48 to 60 hours last year.

How to access the Whatsapp text editing feature

WhatsApp users can access the edit feature by long-pressing on a message. Editing has begun to roll out globally and will be available to the platform’s more than 2 billion users in the coming weeks, the company said.

The company has in recent years rolled out a number of privacy and commerce features for users and businesses operating on the app, as it seeks to boost usage and compete with rivals like Signal. In August, WhatsApp introduced the ability for users to check their messages without other people knowing they’re online.


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