What You Need To Know About Glo TV App

What You Need To Know About Glo TV App

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What You Need To Know About Glo TV App,In Nigeria, streaming services are becoming very popular. We have known of Netflix entertainment streaming services, and how it is bringing enjoyment to Nigerians nowadays. Globacom, a wholly Nigerian company, has joined the trend by launching its mobile TV streaming service known as Glo-TV.

Since the service began in August this year, it has been serving Nigerians with various entertainment such as news, sports, movies, and other content. The company is poised to make the app a one-stop entertainment destination for its audience. The Glo-TV app enables you to catch up with unlimited films and various live TV anytime, anywhere you are. The app can be downloaded on your mobile phone, tablet, and other Android or iOS devices that you make use of daily.

Advantages of Using GloTV App

It is noteworthy that the Glo TV app will not cloud your smartphone with junk files. It is a streaming app, and it doesn’t download any movies or content on your smartphone except itself. It is very light, just about 10 MB, which means the app’s presence is not dangerous to your mobile phone at all because it is not intrusive.

Some experience other issues with the app, such as lousy network, which may bring about connection error, or the app may close at intervals, which can be really frustrating. Overall, the app will be seen as capable or not capable after some time. Note, it’s just a month old for now. There are also complaints about the app consuming data, while DStv, GOtv, and other cable TV require no data. But one has to pay for those.

Two Ways To Sign Up To Glo TV

This is a Glo app, so we expect you to have a Glo SIM on your device to be able to enjoy the streaming service. If you’re not a Glo network subscriber, then go get yourself a Glo SIM. Once you activate the network, you may register online at the Glo website (www.myglotv.com), or you could register from the app if you downloaded it on your smartphone or tablet. For those with Android devices, they can download the app from HERE. iOS users can visit this PAGE to download the app.

Registration on the app is quick and straightforward. You will need to type in your Glo number, and then you will receive a one-time password to finalize the registration.

On the app, there are three recommended steps to take in order to begin enjoying the service:

  • Download the Glo-TV app (from either Play Store or App Store)
  • Complete signup on myglotv.com (the app will take you there)
  • Login into the Glo-TV app with your username and password

Get in Early to Enjoy Free TV

Yes, for a limited time, Glo has promised that subscribers will enjoy a free subscription on the TV till the end of September 2021.

Types of Content to Enjoy on Glo TV App

Glo-TV offers a diverse set of entertainment that can be viewed anywhere by a Glo subscriber. These include live TV and movies on demand. There are Nollywood movies of all types in Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo to enjoy. There are also English movies, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies available for your full enjoyment. There’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a kid, teenager, young adult, or middle-aged, there are documentaries, adventure, lifestyles, faith content, and there are various categories.

Live TV Channels

If you’re conversant with cable TVs such as DStv, GOtv, Startimes, and others, you will also find some of those channels on Glo-TV. About 40 channels are currently listed on the app. It is likely for the channel list to increase from now on. So, it boils down to what TV channels you can watch on the app. We will examine these later on.

Streaming Glo-TV Content on Smart TV

Is it possible to stream Glo-TV content on a smart TV? Glo has not made that provision yet. However, it is possible to stream from TV web OS through this link, www.play.myglotv.com. This can be streamed on a laptop or desktop computer.

How to Cast Glo TV Content from App to Smart TV

Right now, it is impossible to cast the app content from mobile app to smart TV for now. The app has not been programmed to do that. Once it is cast, the smart TV goes blank. Possibly, it may happen in the future, and we wait to see that.

What about Taking Screenshot or Recording from Glo TV App

Try to take a screenshot from your smartphone, and you will note that the app will show a message that the app can’t allow any screenshot from a mobile device. The ScreenShield technology in the app prevents screen recording. In addition to that, it is impossible to record the video content.

Glo TV Data Bundle

There is an opportunity for buying a data bundle and using it to stream their Glo-TV app. At the present time, it is possible to get 500MB of data that can be bought for just 150 Naira. The user can make use of the data for three days. You can visit the app and see what data bundles are available.

Glo TV Categories

  • African Movies channel Series (AMC series)
  • Prime Time Drama
  • African Movies Channel (AMC Movies)
  • Zee Cinema
  • Thrillerz
  • Movies News
  • Comfy TV
  • Cowboy Theater
  • ReadySetAction
  • Real Family TV
  • Series Zone
  • Short Film TV
  • Talent Wazobia
  • Dimension Sci-Fi
  • Mythos

Music Category

  • Trace Urban
  • X2D

Sports Category

  • Football TV
  • Talent Sport
  • W-Sport
  • XCorps

You can check for Live TV channels when you look for movie content.


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