Watch DStv Now On Your Smart TV,Ios And Android Phone Without A Decoder 2022

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How To Buy Dstv Now Login, let’s see how we may avoid squabbling over the remote to watch your favorite DStv episodes and programs. You may watch your favorite shows on any smart device if you have a DStv subscription.

In this article, we are going to share How To Buy Dstv Now Login And Watch DStv Now On Your Smart TV,Ios And Android Phone Without A Decoder 2022  In this scenario we assume one watching a program that the other don’t prefer, and same the programs are airing at the same time

What's DStv Now

DStv Now is the official app of the popular African television service (DSTV), which allows you to watch all of its movies and series on the go. The content on this app is only available to African users with a cell phone number from one of the supported countries and a DTSV device.

What Are The Advantages Of DStv Now?

DStv Now, the internet-based service with live sports, live TV, shows and movies on Catch Up, is now available via three new lean-back apps. These apps make it possible to turn any TV in the house into an easy-to-use DStv hub without the need for a decoder.

The application can be downloaded to nearly any media device, so you can watch it on a screen that’s most convenient to you at the time.

It’s free to all DStv subscribers, no matter which package you are on.
It includes useful features such as Catch Up and an inventory of your favourite shows.
It’s a great option for large families who like to watch separate shows at the same time. Two people will be able to use the same DStv account simultaneously on separate devices (watching different channels).

Watch DStv on up to Five Devices

You can register up to four devices to use on one account.
You can access your favourite shows no matter where you are (you do not need to be near your decoder).
The application allows you to easily keep track of your favourite shows and sports events so that you don’t miss out on episodes or games.

How much Does DStv Now ?

The DStv Now application is free to anyone who has a DStv account. Whether you are on the Family or Premium package, you will be able to access all the channels that you are accustomed to accessing via your decoder.

How To Buy Dstv Now Account if You’re A Non-subscriber

We provide you with dstv now full account without you having dstv decoder (All DStv subscribers need to have is an active internet connection,) DStv Now app, and a smart device; smartphone, tablet, smart TV (Connecting DStv on an Android Smart TV), desktop computer, or laptop. You can link and stream up these smart devices at the same time, and still have your decoder in the living room providing another alternative viewing option.

How To Buy Personal Dstv Now Account 2022

Webloaded Tech DStv Now account is Full premium we can only provide with one year and six months accounts you can message us on WhatsApp or Telegram

Stream your favorite series and movies with DStv Now, or download them directly to your device’s memory and watch them anywhere, even without an internet connection

Dstv Now Smart TVs

Smart TVs are Internet connected TV and they are easily compatible with the DStv now tv app and but only for following devices so far

  • Samsung smart TVs – selected models from 2015 onwards
  • Hisense smart TVs – selected models from 2018 onwards
  • LG smart TVs – models running web OS 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0

Install A DStv Now Tv App On Your smart tv

  • Connect your smart TV to the internet using ethernet cable or Wi-Fi
  • Go to the App Store on your TV, search for DStv Now, install the app
  • Once installed, open the app and a code will be displayed on your TV screen
  • Go to your laptop or desktop computer,or even your mobile smartfone browser
  • First sign into your dstv now account (using this link Once you have logged in
  • Open url link
  • Enter dstv code displayed on your tv screen
  • Then click the sign in button

With all the above successfully done, you are now ready to use dstv now tv app on your Tv,

So if you know a friend, neighbor, family member/relative with a subscribed DStv package, ask them if they can let you have access to their account, and if you are lucky, you might get yourself some entertainment lined up for you during this lockdown.

Watch DStv Now On Your Smart TV,Ios And Android Phone Without A Decoder 2022

How To Buy Dstv Now Login And Watch DStv Now On Your Smart TV,Ios And Android Phone Without A Decoder 2022

With DStv Now, two different streams can be viewed on separate devices simultaneously. This means a single account can be used to watch TV via a decoder in the lounge, a movie on a tablet in the bedroom via DStv Now, and sport on another smart TV using DStv Now. It’s also a great way for kids who are away from home to get the most from the family’s DStv subscription.

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