How Can I Verify My Audiomack Account

How Can I Verify My Audiomack Account

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As an up-and-coming artist or music exec, you need to know how you can create and verify an Audiomack account. Audiomack (Verify My Audiomack Account)is fast becoming the de facto music streaming app for millions of people around the world.

The fast-growing platform is designed to help and support artists in their quest to building their careers. When you create and verify your Audiomack account, you will have a grey checkmark that distinguishes you from other creators on the platform.

The process of creating and verifying your Audiomack account is not particularly a unique procedure. If you have used other streaming apps like Soundcloud, you are already familiar withth the process as both platforms have similar processes.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any differences between both platforms.

The Creators Program on Audiomack allows content creators to monetize their content. This program is only available to verified profiles. So, the verification process is integral if you want to create an Audiomack account that can guarantee you some income every now and then.

We will take you through how to create and verify Audiomack account as well as the requirements that you have to fulfill for each procedure.

Requirements Verify My Audiomack Account

The following are the requirements that each user must fulfill before they can have a verified account on Audiomack.

  • You must have a complete profile with a recent profile photo and a header
  • You must include the links to your social media profiles.
  • You must have social media footprint or presence that gives a positive reflection of your career as an artist
  • You need to have a minimum of five official releases to be eligible
  • The Audiomack website further states that you need to have 500,000 plays as well as 1,000 followers to be eligible for a verification consideration. However, the provision of these criteria isn’t a guarantee that you will be verified. Audiomack would ban you from the process if they realise you bought followers or plays on the platform.

That said, the fact that you meet the aforementioned requirements doesn’t guarantee you a verified profile. The process isn’t automatic, as Audiomack still looks at other aspects of your profile to determine your eligibility for the grey checkmark.

How Do I Verify My Audiomack Account

Whether you just love to listen to songs from a variety of artists or you are an artist yourself, you can create an Audiomack account in few simple steps.

The app allows users to sign up using their Google, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Otherwise, you can create a new Audiomack account by following these simple steps.

  • Launch the Audiomack app
  • Click Sign In
  • Input your details, including email address or your phone number
  • Input your password into the relevant field
  • Click Sign In

TIPS – How Can I Verify My Audiomack Account

Since Audiomack clearly stated on their website that you are not guaranteed an automatic checkmark even if you meet their basic requirements, we have taken our time to search for other tips and ways to get you verified while increasing your chances of making money on Audiomack.

  • It is important that you have an obvious and good profile photo that isn’t blurred. This image has to be high-quality resolution and a unique one. You may even go as far as showing your logo if you have one.
  • Ensure that the description or bio of your profile is clearly written. You have to include catchphrases and integral points that can help you stand out and gain more viewers.
  • You need to link as many social media profiles as you possibly can. This will help your visibility on all the platforms you are on.
  • Additionally, you should add as many articles and links of any Web content where you have been mentioned. This would help portray you as someone with a great Internet presence.
  • You will have to make sure you exceed the basic requirements. That is, you need to have more than five tracks and beyond 1,000 followers on Audiomack. You should also go beyond 500,000 plays. Exceeding the minimum requirements will help you stand out among many other artists.
  • You should never upload songs that are not yours. Avoid uploading copyrighted material as much as you can. All uploaded songs should be yours.

While Audiomack has set the requirements of 1,000 followers and 5 tracks for getting verified, you can actually initiate the verification process if you have a minimum of two tracks and 25 followers.

You will find the link to the verification process right on the Audiomack for Creators dashboard. It is a simple process that will provide you with instructions till you submit the application. After submission, you will have to wait between five and seven days to get feedback on the application.

Benefits of Audiomack Verification

First, the verification gives you a grey checkmark to distinguish you from other accounts. It further tells viewers that this is an original account and not fake.

Second, Audiomack allows verified users to send notifications to fans when they have a new release. This helps to increase your visibility and streams because your followers now know precisely when you drop new music.

Another excellent benefit is that you can now submit your music to be in trending charts and playlists.

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