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How To use Gmail Hack To Find Out who is selling your Data

How do you feel when you receive different kinds of emails from unauthorized senders? I am pretty sure you will feel bad and incredibly frustrated since you did not subscribe to the email. This is caused majorly by the people or sites you have given your email to. The Gmail hack i have brought to you will help in a great way to solve this issue.

Steps to detect who sold your Gmail with Gmail hack

  • If you have one Gmail address you have access to infinite addresses. For example, if your email is [email protected] you can add a + sign after your email. If you sign up for Twitter you can sign up using [email protected]
  • Any emails you receive will still go to your main email at [email protected] but it will come up with the +twitter when it lands in your inbox. Every time you create an account on a website add +twitter (or whatever the website is you’re signing up for).
  • Now when you receive spam or junk emails it will come up with the + for whichever website has sold your email address. You now know which website has sold your data and can act accordingly whichever way you feel best.
  • There is nothing more frustrating than spam emails, but now you can locate the source of your problem. I hope this Gmail hack has proved useful to you. Gmail is one of the most popular email users and I was only recently made aware of this.
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