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How To Stop WhatsApp From Reducing Picture Quality In 2023

Many atimes when we send pictures to someone on whatsapp, automatically, whatsapp tends to reduce the quality of the image and this sometimes gets us annoyed due to the fact that there’s nothing we can do.

Sometimes this might sound well for those that are managing their data, but for people that the exact quality of the picture is their priority, they won’t like this idea.

In this post, I’ll be teaching you how to stop Whatsapp from reducing picture quality. You don’t have to be stressing yourself by sending images as document files just to keep the exact quality.

Steps to learn how to stop whatsapp from reducing picture quality.

Send the picture as document on whatsapp

  • Open your Whatsapp
  • Open conversation with the contact you wish to send the image to
  • Now tap on the share icon button you see in the text area (Image guide below)
  • Now tap on documents
  • Select image application(depending on the easiest app to get the image)
  • Select the folder where the image is stored
  • Now tap on the image and accept the prompted pop-up (send……png to (contact name)?
How to stop Whatsapp from reducing picture quality
WhatsApp reducing image quality

Another method on how to stop whatsapp from reducing picture quality

You can stop WhatsApp from reducing the quality of images by going to the app’s Settings and then selecting the “Chats” option. From there, you should be able to find the “Media Auto-Download” settings. You can then disable the option to “Low Quality” for images, which will prevent WhatsApp from reducing the quality of images when they are sent or received.

Stop WhatsApp from reducing picture quality

Save Image to High Quality storage or internal memory

Alternatively, you can also try saving the images to your phone’s internal storage or a high-quality SD card, as this can help preserve the quality of the images.


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