Sharing VPN Connection In 2023 With PdaNet

There might be some cases where you’re connected to a VPN and you need help Sharing your VPN Connection with other devices probably cos the VPN Powers Free Browsing or because you’re trying to hide your Location anonymously. In this Article, everything would be broken down including sharing a VPN connection to Windows 10, iPhone or another Android Device.


  • PdaNet

Steps to Sharing VPN Connection

Ensure your device powering the VPN is connected to the VPN, In my case I’ll be using WeTunnel (VPN Owned by Internetshub) and make sure you’ve downloaded PdaNet on both devices, the download links are below.

PdaNet – Android (Free, Premium) || Windows || Not available on iOS.

Sharing VPN Connection Android to Windows 10

If this VPN Tethering method can work for Windows 10 & 11 then it can work on any Windows OS.

USB Tethering

This is my Favorite and easiest cos it’s the Connection Speed is still consistently Fast.

  • Launch PdaNet and enable USB Tether
  • Connect your USB Cord to your PC
    • Click the Show Hidden icon at the bottom right.
    • Right Click PdaNet icon and Connect to USB
    • You’ll get a Connected Message and you’re good to go.
  • This PC Option would only Show Provided you’ve installed PdaNet.

WiFi Direct Hotspot

This Should be an alternative if you’ve an issue with USB Tethering as its Internet Speed is reduced compared to the former.

  • On your Device, Select WiFi Direct Hotspot. Ensure you’ve your WiFi Enabled.
  • On your PC, Click the Connect WiFi
  • And you’ll get a Connected Message.

Another Alternative if you don’t have PdaNet installed on your Windows PC is Using WiFi Direct Hotspot, Connect your PC to the Hotspot using the Password Giving and Configuring the Proxy given in Internet Settings ( Settings -> Network & Internet ->Proxy )

PdaNet WiFi Direct Hotspot

Tethering VPN Connection Android to iOS

This isn’t really an option as Sharing this is quite Slow asf and it’s similar to the Later Option of Android to Windows. You’ll need to configure the Proxy and setting after Connecting to the PdaNet Generated WIFi (WiFi Direct Hotspot) and Save.

Tethering VPN Connection Android to iOS

Share VPN Connection Android to Android

This is one of the easiest as you just need to install PdaNet on both device and use Direct WiFi Hotspot. On the Receiver end, you’ll need to click Connect to a PdaNet Hostpot and connect to the Hotpost generated on the Sender end.

Another Alternative app is Every Proxy, the steps are similar to this and a little more complicated than PdaNet.


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