How To Resolve Error Problems Linking NIN Number With Banks and Sims

How To Resolve Error Problems Linking NIN Number With Banks and Sims (MTN, Airtel, Glo,9mobile) 

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How To Resolve Error Problems Linking NIN Number With Banks and Sims (MTN, Airtel, Glo,9mobile) – The fact that the FG has threatened to disconnect any lines not linked to a NIN by the end of October is not surprise to anyone. I’d want us to look into a variety of NIN-related difficulties for individuals who already have their NIN number but are having trouble attaching it to their lines or using it in the bank, as it is currently the only form of ID accepted by banks to upgrade accounts Error Problems.

Bvn Generated With Nin

Bvn Generated With Nin

When BVN registration started years ago banks were given privilege to assign NIN to customer unknowingly to the customer, if your BVN number starts from 221/222 it means you have a BVN generated NIN which can be used but not advisable until you do modification.

If you have BVN generated NIN visit a LG office near you or a NIMC enrollment centre to do modification to make it acceptable.

Error Problems

Having Issues With Nin (No Record Found Or Not Validate)

In this post we have outlined practical ways of retrieving Issues With Linking My NIN Number With My Sim and banks account

This happens to almost everyone that enrolled recently it’s a case where you have NIN but unable to use it cause it’s not validated on NIMC database yet this can actually be fixed by waiting for 2-3mths after getting NIN number or paying a token to agents to get it done under 48hrs.

How To Replace Your NIN Slip If Your Own Loss

If you have enrolled but lost all your documents including the phone number provided when you enrolled you can pay 500naira to Remita and take the receipt to LG office near you or NIMC Enrollment center near you to retrieve your NIN but you need to be provide the phone number linked to the NIN.I lost my NIMC slip

How To Check My NIMC Details Online

Some people have their NIN ID card but don’t know their NIN number you can dial *346# on number linked to the NIN or you can pay and send the document number on the ID and your NIN will be provided in minutes.

For Further Enquiry Contact

If you want to validate at the comfort of your home or retrieve your lost NIN it will be done in less than 48hrs for a small amount

Not everyone has time to go somewhere we are at your service 24hours

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