How To Delete All Posts At Once On Facebook

How To Delete All Posts At Once On Facebook

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Facebook has launched a new option to delete all the information we have published on the social network quickly and easily.

Facebook is currently in the eye of the hurricane because of the political situation in the United States and the decision of its CEO to side with President Trump. Despite this, the platform continues to have a resounding success in countries like Italy, where it is used by over half of Internet users.

However, the criticism continues to society for the use of private data. So the company continues to introduce new ways to increase the control we have over the information we upload to the platform. The last measure was to allow the cancellation or archiving of the publications that we made on our feed.

How To Remove All Your Posts On Facebook

How To Remove All Your Posts On Facebook

To delete the posts that we want from Facebook, we must go to our profile and then follow these steps:

  • Let’s go to the Facebook application on mobile.
  • Let’s open our profile page.
  • Click the three dot icon next to the large blue button.
  • Click on the “Activity Log” button.
  • We manage the business and choose your posts.
  • We choose the publications we want to delete, select them (or click All if we want to delete them all).
  • We select Delete or Archive.

The first option will delete the publications, the second will only hide them from our feed, but will not delete them

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