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How to pay for International Transactions in Nigeria

If you’re wondering what happened to your Naira debit cards or have been unable to pay for international transactions in Nigeria here’s the reason “Nigerian banks may have placed International restrictions on their debit cards, limiting their use to domestic transactions only. Which is an order from The Central Bank of Nigeria probably cause of concerns about fraud or insufficient foreign currency reserves.”

Which Naira card can I use for international transactions?

When talking about Naira Cards for International Transactions, currently a majority of the Naira debit cards have been restricted including the popular Naira Mastercard which was everyone’s choice when trying to perform International transactions. But I heard Rumours that the United Bank of Africa (UBA) Debit Cards are still working alongside Stanbic IBTC Cards but unfortunately, I am yet to try on to confirm this.

Which debit card allows international transactions?

Now let’s talk about the solution to this problem and how we can pay for International Transactions in Nigeria. The debit card that allows international transactions in Nigeria are a variety of FinTech (Finance Technology) Companies with the likes of Kuda, Chippercash, Palmpay, OPay etc but unfortunately not allow of the issues debit card or allows International transactions on their cards.

I’ll give you my Top 4 Picks and why I choose them over others.

  • Payday
  • Gotok
  • Chipper Cash
  • Grey (Grey Finance)


What is Payday?

Payday is a FinTech Company launched in 2021 helping its users send and receive money across the World in Partnership with over 15 Companies and 3 HeadQuaters (Canada, United States and Rwanda). You can check them on Socials – Twitter & Instagram.

How does Payday Africa Work?

You download their app from the Apps Store (Both iOS and Android), Register an account and get a wallet account which you can receive and send from.

Payday Verification Process

Before you can start using the Full feature of the Payday app you’ll be required to verify your identity just a precautionary step to prevent again fraud and help the company be accountable for who uses their services.

The good thing about Signing up for Payday you just need to input your BVN (Bank Verification Number) and a Selfie photo of you which would be asked while creating an account.

How do I fund my Payday Account?

To fund your Payday account, you could top-up via Bank Transfer or from your other payday account like a swap (Dollar Account into Naira Account). Bank Transfer gives you bank account details in the Local denomination.

Payday Dollar Rate and Payday Dollar Card

The Payday dollar Card is a virtual card and they use the FX Parallel market rate of about 740 Naira per dollar whereas the bank rate is around 468 Naira per dollar which is one of the only disadvantages. This rate changes daily and could increase or decrease depending on the demand for USD but there’s always a Notification from the Payday app telling you the rate daily.

The advantage of this Payday Dollar Card allows you to pay for any type of International transaction in Nigeria, it’s more than a Virtual Card for me because virtual cards are not accepted by some payment gateway but this Payday Debit Card allows it.

To Create a Virtual Card you need to go to the Cards Navigation menu and Choose either the Mastercard or Visa Card, I prefer Visa because of the 3D Secure (meaning they’ll ask for OTP before any transaction). Although you need a minimum balance of $5 before you can create an account.

Many more questions about Payday Can be asked in the comment section or check out their FAQs on their website.


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