New Tiktok Bonus

Mtn Launches New Tiktok Bonus Get 2gb Data N350, And 200mb Data N50

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Mtn Launches New Tiktok Bonus – MTN Launches TikTok Social Bundle at N350 for 2gb for those of you who are more into TikTok

Mtn Launches New Tiktok Bonus

TikTok Social bundle has been launched by MTN Nigeria, an event-based data bundle that allows customers to access all their favorite content, including video uploading, downloading, and sharing, as well as chatting, etc.

You now have access to purchase 200MB data for N50 & 2GB data for N350 as an MTN customer

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How To Activate New mtn tiktok Bonus Get 2gb Data N350

  • Simply dial ∗131∗3∗4#
  • select your preferred plan by replying with either 1 or 2.

How To Check Mtn Tiktok Bonus Balance

You can check your data balance by dialling ∗131∗4#.

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