How To Use Mpulse Data For All Apps 2021

How To Use Mpulse Data For All Apps 2022

by Officia_Sean
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Good day, guys! I’m delighted to share that I now have a working webloaded injector setting that allows all applications to use MTN MPulse data. Before posting, I personally tested this config file.

I have a tendency to look for affordable data plans and promotional offers indefinitely. This latest MTN offer, dubbed mPulse, follows the ongoing MTN Deal Zone offer (for certain consumers). The goal of today’s post is to show you how to get rid of the restriction on MTN’s mPulse special data bundle that restricts you from browsing all websites. Before we get started, let me quickly introduce you to MTN mPulse and its perks.

What Is MTN mPulse?

Mplus data cheat plans which gives you 350MB for N50(weekly plan) and 1.2GB for N150 (monthly plan). The good news is that you can use it on all websites and you can re subscribe again once you exhaust your package.

Meaning with N600, you can get 4.8GB which I think it’s cool because we are all teenagers. With the MTN MPulse, you get way more cheaper data plans than you get on other MTN prepaid plans. The mPulse data gives you 1.2GB for N150 and 350MB for N50.

How Can I migrate To MTN mPulse For Free?

How To Migrate to MTN mPulse Plan

To migrate to mPulse plan, simply do any of the following:

  • Dial *344*1#
  • Alternatively, Send ‘MPulse’ to 131
  • Also, you can download MyMTNApp, go to tariff plan and select mPulse

MTN Mpulse Subscription Plan and Code

To subscribe to any of the MTN mPulse Special Data bundle do any of the followings:

  • For Weekly bundle of 350MB, send 350 to 344
  • For Monthly bundle of 1.2GB, send 351 to 344
  • Dial *344# and then, select data bundle of choice from the menu.
  • From mPulse website, from the drop-down menu of student dashboard, select data bundle of your choice from the list of bundles.

How To Use Mpulse Data For All Apps 2022

Let’s get down to the settings real quick, and I guarantee you 100% that this new config will work for you without issues.

The only problem however is that it doesn’t power all Apps except for mPulse website, mPulse app, WhatsApp, YouTube and a few other websites.

However, in this post I will be showing you guys how to power all your apps with the MTN mPulse data using Webloaded Injector VPN. This will enable you to stream, download or browse any website with the data
But if you want it to power all site without restriction, kindly download the Webloaded Injector SSH/DNS/WebSocket -100% VPN

Download Webloaded Injector – Free VPN Tunnel either from any of the Following Links and Launch it.
Playstore || Telegram || 3rd Party Site

  • Also download the http custom app and file Here
  • Open http custom app and click on the plus icon, then select open file
How To Use Mpulse Data For All Apps 2021
  • Then click Connect, it wouldn’t connect, so click disconnect and exit the http custom app, then open webloaded inector VPN and follow the instructions below

How To Use Mtn Mpulse Data

  • Then once you get the data then you can now use several VPNs to power up the VPN. Let’s get to the list of some VPN that can help you to use the Mtn Mpulse Data
  • After downloading the Webloaded Tech VPN, you will need the Configuration file. This is for advanced users only.
  • Download the Mtn Mpulse File either from HEREFile Was Uploaded April 22 (Account Will Expired unknown ) and import following the photo illustration below and guide in this post.

How To Inport Files On Webloaded Injector VPN

  • Launch Webloaded Injector SSH/DNS/WebSocket -100% VPN.
How To Use Mpulse Data For All Apps 2021
  • Click on the Folder ?icon menu toggle as shown in the screenshot.
How To Inport Files On Webloaded Injector VPN
  • Click on Import Config and locate the Mpulse Data config file from the folder you downloaded it in and tap on it to import
How To Activate Glo Unlimited Free Browsing For Free
  • Connect.It will connect within some seconds.
  • Having any issues using the Webloadedl VPN or the tweak is not working for you? Ensure to leave a comment or better still let us know on our Social Media Platforms. Don’t forget to rate our VPN 5 Stars on the Google Playstore.

NOTE: The http coustom File Is To activator Wt Injector File To Work For To Use Mpulse Data For All Apps 2021

If you ever experience a connected but not browsing issues Kindly tick the options as shown on the screenshot below

How To Use Mpulse Data For All Apps 2021

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bobby February 15, 2022 - 1:12 pm

I’m having issues connecting it
It says Application error


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