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How To Know If Someone Has Blocked Your Phone Number 2023

How to know if someone has blocked your phone number

If you try to phone or text but get no response, you could become concerned about what’s happening, this post is to help you to know if someone has blocked your phone number.

A person can desire to block your contact with them permanently for a variety of reasons. Asking them directly is the best approach to find out if it has happened to you and why. But no one wants to engage in that difficult confrontation. Even the top Android smartphones available today lack functionality for identifying those causes. Even so, you’ll notice indicators that someone completely disconnected from you. You can find closure even though they don’t let you instantaneously unlock numbers on someone’s phone from your end.

If you want to know if someone has blocked your phone number, Here’s how to find it without having to ask.

What happens if a person blocks your phone number

There is no notification sent to you when someone blocks your phone number. Yet, a few telltale clues will reveal who your blocker is. The call may just ring once or not at all when you dial the number before going to voicemail. Your phone should ring several times during normal calls to give the recipient an opportunity to pick up.

Leave a voicemail and wait to see how things go as a test. The recipient won’t get a notification if you’ve been blocked, and they won’t be able to reply. Without receiving feedback, you would figure it out after a few hours or days. On occasion, your device will abruptly end a call without sending it to voicemail by displaying a busy signal on the call screen. Alternately, you could ask your buddies to phone the recipient’s number while you keep trying, and then you could listen in on the conversation. If their calls are answered but yours are not, you have your response.

Alternatively, send a text message from a different number and wait. Messages you send from your blocked number don’t appear on the recipient’s phone, even though the status says it’s delivered. Recipients can only see the messages after unblocking you. Hence, it’s better to text them with one they aren’t familiar with. This process works differently on some smartphones, and the messages may not be delivered.

DND mode silences all calls and text messages unless the recipient has set a contact or application as an exception. This mode allows you to get work done and only receive important notifications or calls. If a person has Repeat callers enabled in DnD mode, your calls will be visible on their device if you call more than once within 15 minutes. You can use this feature to determine whether you’re blocked or not. The following method will guide you on how to know if someone has blocked your phone number.

Call your blocker

The simplest way know if someone has blocked your phone number without approaching them is to call. Prior to making a call, dial your number and pay attention to the automated attendant. Every time you call, you might be getting a busy signal or an unanswered call, which indicates that you’ve been blocked. The next thing you should do is make a call from a different number. If you lack access to a different phone number,  create a burner phone number or mask yours. Your number appears on the recipient’s screen as “Private number” or “Unknown caller,” and they can’t trace it back to you even with a caller ID app.

Even if they have blocked you, calls from masked numbers always get through to the intended recipient. Getting them to pick up the phone is the challenging part because few people answer calls from ominous numbers. Depending on where you are, a different code is used to conceal your phone number. In Nigeria, press *31# and then the desired number. Before the desired phone number in the US, type *67#. The number to dial in the UK is 141. For devices with Samsung Phone and Apple Phone as their default caller apps, please follow these instructions.

Hide your number on Android phones and tablets with Samsung Phone

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Tap the three-dots icon in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  3. Select Settings.
Step 1 and 2

Step 3

4. Tap Supplementary services

Step 4

5.Tap Show your caller ID, then select Never from the drop-down list. Your phone number appears as private or unknown to call recipients.

Step 5

Send a text message

The native messaging applications on Android and iOS work differently. You will know if someone blocked you on iMessage via chat bubble colors and delivery status reports. If the recipient is an iPhone user, your recent chat bubble turns green instead of blue. Green chat bubbles indicate that you’re texting a non-iPhone user via MMS or SMS. The color’s the same for blocked users.

On Samsung or Google Messages, only read receipts are available. Your messages deliver as usual, but your recipient doesn’t receive them, leaving your texts stuck on “Delivered” instead of “Read.” Therefore, a text message is not an ideal way to determine if blocking has occurred. If you send a text and don’t hear from the recipient, it could be that they can’t respond at the moment.

Reach out on social media

You now know if someone has blocked your phone number if you’ve tried the procedures mentioned above and you are not getting a response, confronting your blocker on social media should only be an option in extreme cases. Social media accounts belonging to the owner are not affected by blocking a phone number. As a result, you can online message or video call them. You may tell whether they are purposefully ignoring you by looking at read receipts and ticks. Any social media platform must have an active or existing account for your blocker. Otherwise, this process is ineffective. On social media, they might still block or silence you.

Getting blocked isn’t the end of the world

Now that you know if someone has blocked your phone number, people may block you accidentally and won’t know it until they check for it on their phone. But if all efforts to reach out are ignored, it may be time to move on. Getting blocked may leave you feeling devastated, especially if your relationship with the blocker is on a deeper level. But never resort to spamming them. Doing that could annoy them further and make the situation worse. Instead, use the knowledge you learned from this post to know for certian if you have been blocked and try as much as possible to get through to that individual or person.


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