How To Enable Dark Mode On Your Android And IOS

How To Enable Dark Mode On Your Android And IOS

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Dark mode is a component that gives you a chance to switch the color theme of an application, too dark or something near it.

The sensational, jazzy and exquisite look and feel of a darkly themed UI not just offers the client something new as far as visuals yet additionally helps in sparing battery life.
So, let us have a look on how to enable the dark mode on Android and iOS device.

How To Enable Dark Mode On Your Android And IOS

How To Enable Dark Mode On Your iPhone

So, you will most likely be unable to go totally get on your iPhone, as iOS doesn’t completely bolster the component. All things considered, applications, for example, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Microsoft Outlook, bolster the real Dark Mode

  • Go to your Setting application.
  • Click on General, followed by Accessibility.
  • Then, go into Display Accessibility and Choose the Invert Colors option in the menu.
  • Switch over the Smart Invent option.

According to the report, Apple may have plans to help Dark Mode come iOS 13. Be that as it may, we won’t authoritatively know until the release.

How To Enable Dark Mode On Your Android:

Much the same as with iOS, Android likewise does not completely bolster Dark Mode. Be that as it may, Night Mode is a close immaculate option.

  • Open up your Settings app and choose About phone.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, click on Build number and tap that seven times, giving you access to Developer options.
  • Find Developer options by going into your setting app again, and rerouting to System > Advanced > Developer.
  • Scroll down to Night Mode and set it to wither Always on or Automatic.
  • Furthermore, there you have it folks!
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