How Do I Change My language Settings On Facebook

How Do I Change My language Settings On Facebook

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How Do I Change My Language Settings On Facebook – How To Change Language On Facebook

How do you change language settings on Facebook?,Facebook is one of the most widely used and loved social media sites around the globe, allowing users to instantly connect through multiple ways. The website of social media helps a person to talk and post their views, images , videos and more.

You may have noticed that Facebook translates into English automatically posts which are in other languages. But what if you want to use the whole Facebook in a different language?

How Do You Change The Language On Facebook App

  • Go to your profile’s News Feed page. Look for the language menu on the right side.
  • Choose a language from the list and click Change Language.You can change the language back again by clicking on it in that same box.
  • Another option is to click the plus (+) sign to see all of the supported languages.
  • Select a language from that screen to immediately apply it to your Facebook.
  • Click Translate Facebook.

How To Change Language In Facebook On Laptop

  • Click the arrow on the far right side of the Facebook Menu Bar, to the right of the Quick Help question mark.
  • Now select Settings at the bottom of that menu and choose the Language tab on the left.
  • Click Edit next to Facebook language and click the down arrow underneath Show Facebook in this language, and choose another one from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the blue Save Changes button to apply the new language to Facebook.
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