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Earn on PalmPay Anniversary promo without Referrals

Most times when you come across posts about how to earn on PalmPay, they are often about referrals.
So, surely you will be relieved to see that this post ensures you make money daily without any single referral.

Introduction to how to earn on PalmPay

Since this post will be explaining how to get 500 daily on PalmPay, which is by no means an easy feat, we will have to do well to follow the steps in other to achieve the aim.

Actually, this is all made possible by PalmPay 300 million anniversary giveaway. In this giveaway, they will be giving out lots of money and cash coupons according to how actively you use the app during these periods.

The giveaway has been active since September 5th and will be rounding up by October 10th.

Procedures on How to earn on PalmPay

Getting and downloading the app

Since not many of us still have the app or have downloaded the app prior to this moment. It is rather easier to take a moment to DOWNLOAD the app here.

Meanwhile, if you happen to have the app already, simply upgrade the app to the latest version and you are good to go.

Activity strategy

This section will explain how to earn on PalmPay by getting enough activity point to earn money daily.

There are three different ways to win in this giveaway namely;

  • Daily tasks
  • Team battle
  • Coin rain

Earning on PalmPay

Game Rules

Definition: PalmPay Gold (“PP Gold”) is a virtual gold set in this PalmPay Anniversary Campaign that is not related to the gold and gold prices in the real trading market.

Session One: Coin Rain

how to earn on palmpay coin rain

Coin rain is triggered when users visit PalmPay app for the 1st time every day. Users will have the chance to gain cash rewards, free data or various coupons by clicking and collecting fallen coins. The more coins collected, the more cash rewards or coupons will be sent to their PalmPay account. Coupons have expiration dates that will be marked for users.

Session Two: Daily Themed Task

During the campaign period, from Monday to Sunday, Themed tasks will be set up every day:

  • Monday: Airtime Day
  • Tuesday: TV & Electricity Recharge Day
  • Wednesday: Flexi Day
  • Thursday: Transfer Day
  • Friday: Data Day
  • Saturday: Betting Funding Day
  • Sunday: Account Funding Day

Session Three: Daily Transaction Task

Users can participate in daily transaction tasks of N50 and above for one chance to dig up PP Gold or various coupons. They can check the campaign page for the list of eligible transactions.

In the non-battle session, after the transaction is completed, the user gets the opportunity to dig PP Gold manually, which must be used within the same day, after 12:00 am. The unused digging opportunity will be expired.

Session Four: Team Up to win more PP Gold

Theme: Defeat a rival team in the Gold Rush game to harvest their PP Gold.

Battle Period
  • Every day from 8:00am to 8:00pm, users can participate in team battles
  • Each team battle session lasts for 3 hours, and users can participate in up to 4 battles each day
  • Users cannot start a team battle after 8:00pm and all team battles shall be completed by 11:00pm of each day.
  • Teams can still be formed before 8:00am and after 8:00pm of each day but the system will only begin pairing teams at 8:00am each day to kickstart the battle sessions.

Session Five: PP Gold for cash reward

During the campaign period, only a limited number of PP Gold is made available everyday and the amount of Naira that corresponds to each gram of PP Gold for the day (the “Daily PP Gold Price”) is determined by dividing the total bonus for the day by the total daily PalmPay Gold.

Once the PP Gold for the day has been used up, users will only be able to dig up coupons. However, users would still have chance to earn PP Gold through the battle sessions.

The unit price of PP Gold changes everyday and users will receive the cash reward for their PP Gold collected for a week by the next Monday based on the Daily PP Gold Price when the PP gold was won by the users .

Session Six: Campaign Risk Control Rules

  • Each PalmPay User can only participate in this campaign once. A PalmPay user is regarded to be the same:
    • PalmPay account,
    • Mobile phone number,
    • Mobile phone device, and
    • Identity authentication information, i.e. Valid ID Card, NIN, BVN, etc.


To learn how to earn on palmpay without having any problems, the rules must be obeyed.

Team Rules:

  • Users can choose to form a team or join an existing team on arrival at the “Gold Rush Battlefield”.
  • There are 3 types of teams: 1-player team(1vs.1), 2-player team(2vs.2), 3-player team(3vs.3)
  • After deciding to create or join a team, a user can choose to leave the team before it reaches maximum capacity, then create or join another team.
  • When a user creates his/her own team, the user can share the “Invite Friends” link to invite friends from social media to join the group.
  • Teams are successfully formed when they reach the required number of players. Players can not withdraw from the team after the team is successfully formed.

Battle Rules:

  • Once each team is formed, the system automatically begins to match the opposing team, 1vs.1, 2vs.2, 3vs.3 and the battle timer starts once the opposing team is assigned.
  • The opposing team assigned by the system cannot be rejected or changed by a user.
  • No team player can quit the team during the 3 hours battle session.
  • Users can invite friend(s) to join his/her team. However, the invited person would not be able to join the team if it has already reached the size limit (i.e. successfully formed). In that case, the user’s friend could choose to join another existing team or form a new team.

Battle Stakes:

  • During the 3 hours of battle session, after completing daily themed tasks or daily transaction tasks, the mining result will be automatically revealed. Users would immediately know how much PP Gold or what kind of coupon they gained.
  • Users have a higher chance of collecting PP Gold during a battle session than during a non-battle period.
  • Only PP Gold collected by the team members during the battle session will be used as battle chips. Coupons earned by users still belong to them and will not be acquired by the winning team.

Winning Rules:

  • The team with the highest number of transactions during the battle session wins and gets:
    • Users on the winning team will keep all the PP Gold they collected during battle session.
    • The winning team will gain (harvest) all the PP Gold collected by users of the losing team during the battle session. The losing team only keeps their coupons collected.
    • The winning team will also receive a bonus amount of PP Gold for their success.
    • The total amount of PP Gold harvested from the losing team and the additional PP Gold awarded by the platform will be shared equally among the players of the winning team.

About special cases:

  • If a “Gold Rush” battle session ends with the same number of transactions for both teams, then the battle is tied and both teams will keep all the PP Gold they collected during the battle session respectively.
  • If the battle session ends with one team winning and the losing team not collecting any PP Gold, then the players of the winning team will only get equal share of the additional PP Gold given by the platform.

When one session ends:

  • Once a battle session is over, users can choose to team up for another battle till 8PM daily.

About cash rewards:

  • The price of PP Gold changes daily and cash rewards will be settled every Monday for all PP Gold won by users during the previous week based on the Daily PP Gold Price when the PP gold was gained (but not the price on the settlement day).
  • The cash rewards will be automatically settled to the user’s PalmPay account at 8:00am next Monday.

Terms and conditions on How to earn on palmpay

Users are not allowed to engage in improper or malicious means to participate in this campaign. By participating, you are affirming that PalmPay has the right to determine whether each user has engaged in any of the violations below, through its risk control system, and has the right to pull user’s registration/login information, user behavior, normal transaction habits of regular users, industry practices in the Internet field, and common sense of life and other big data for comprehensive analysis and evaluation.

If a user has any of the following behaviors or situations, once found, PalmPay has the right to independently judge and take measures, including but not limited to restricting or canceling the user’s qualifications to participate in campaigns, canceling or recovering campaign income, restricting account login, banning accounts and other measures.

Participation in this campaign via any improper or malicious means including but not limited to using robot, simulators, plug-ins, software plug-ins, physical plug-ins or colluding with other users through improper means to get campaign rewards. Using abnormal social relationships or artificial traffic to complete tasks (such as using professional help chat groups, etc.);

Customer behavior policy

Interfering with the normal operation of PalmPay for example, registering user accounts in bulk, registering user accounts using fake personal information or the identity of another person, using user accounts illegally, and also using technical means to tamper with, damage, or exert other influences on PalmPay;

Disturbing the flow of this campaign. For example, using various accounts to participate in the campaign, changing personal location information, manipulating device data, buying and selling of user accounts, campaign rights, award qualifications, etc.;

Using this campaign to commit crime. For instance to commit fraud, money laundering, cashing out or other unlawful and criminal acts;

Participating in any behavior that violates the laws and regulations of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the good faith principle, campaign guidelines, or any other improper means as determined by PalmPay;

Summary on how to earn on palmpay

I am sure this article has helped a lot in breaking down the steps on how to earn on palmpay. So it is left for you to maximize the chances and earn massively in the remaining short period of time. The pictures above have also made it clear that they are currently paying, so by following the steps above it is very easy to know how to earn 500 daily on palmpay.

In summary to get how to earn daily on palmpay, you have to use the app very well, participate in transactions task, win more PP Gold and then convert your earned PP Gold to money every Monday.

Download the app here to get started.


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