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Download CooCoo WhatsApp 5.1.0 APK 2021 Latest Version

Download CooCoo WhatsApp 5.1.0 APK 2021 Latest Version

Download CooCoo WhatsApp 5.1.0 APK 2021 Latest Version,Coocoo WhatsApp Mod APK Download For Android

Android smartphone users love modded WhatsApp applications. A new trend is Modded WhatsApp. CooCoo WhatsApp offers tons of premium features, as well as the option to modify the application’s theme for free. CooCoo WhatsApp may be downloaded free of charge from the downloads area of this article.

CooCoo WhatsApp – WhatsApp is one of today’s most used messenger applications. Facebook’s WhatsApp offers many features, as well as a secure messaging platform. WhatsApp lets you chat, send large files, make video and audio calls, and many more features.

Download CooCoo WhatsApp 2021 Edition

The full information about CooCoo WhatsApp APK developers is available, including the number of downloaded apps, version information and application size.

App nameCooCoo WhatsApp
Last UpdatedOne day ago
App version5.1.0
CompatibilityAndroid 4.0+
App Size39.15mb
Main TaskAll Whatsapp features with some hidden features.
DeveloperCooCoo WhatsApp
Download CooCoo WhatsApp 5.1.0 APK 2021 Latest Version

Notice:Click the link below to download the CooCoo WhatsApp 2021 edition. CooCoo WhatsApp is replacing the original WhatsApp. We recommend that you make a backup of all your chats and media to an outside source.

WhatsApp does have its drawbacks, such as the inability to alter the interface’s appearance. We can change this with CooCoo WhatsApp. There they offer more than 5000 themes at no cost using their WhatsApp Plus data base.

Many users are not happy with the appearance of this messaging app. You can also try the MOD CooCoo WhatsApp if you are bored by WhatsApp’s appearance.

Features and Benefits of CooCoo WhatsApp

Before we discuss its advantages and features, it’s better to first know what CooCoo WhatsApp actually is. CooCoo APK is a modified version of WhatsApp that has cool features and an attractive appearance.

CooCoo WA’s appearance has been modified to make it more elegant and distinct from the official features. We are sure you will enjoy this change. Now, what about the features? Here’s a review.

Features CooCoo WhatsApp

  • Can make video status more than 30 duration without crop
  • Hide online status
  • Create a status text of more than 700 characters
  • Status saver
  • Disable message readout status (check blue, gray and tick 1)
  • Anti delete message
  • Anti delete status
Download CooCoo WhatsApp

Benefits CooCoo WhatsApp

CooCoo WA has many advantages when compared to the official version of the Play Store. Anything? Let’s look at the reviews below.

  • Dual – can install 2 WhatsApp on one cellphone (Package: com.cocowhatsapp)
  • Security – available app lock with PIN, Pattern and Pattern method
  • Theme shop – if you are tired of how they look, you can search for cool themes for free via settings.
  • Theme shop for incoming calls
  • Light and stable

How to Install CooCoo WhatsApp

This APK is not restricted in its features and can be installed without root access. These steps will help you avoid making mistakes when installing.

1. Get the APK

To begin, please click the download button to download the CooCoo WhatsApp Apk file. This mod app is not available on Google Play Store.

2. Make sure you have your second number ready

CooCoo WA, a Clone version of WhatsApp, can be installed alongside official WhatsApp. However, you will need a new number to log into your main WA. Next, prepare a new number that you can use to log in to this CooCoo WA.

3. Install the CooCoo WhatsApp Android APK

Next, you can use the CooCoo WA APK file you downloaded earlier to install it as a regular application. If the installation fails, please verify your phone’s security settings. Allow applications to be installed outside of the Play Store.

4. Log in to CooCoo WhatsApp

Once the install is complete you can log into CooCoo Wa using the number you’ve prepared earlier. After verifying your mobile number, wait for the SMS OTP code. Enter the code in the CooCoo WA column after you have received it.

Congratulations! Congratulations!

Will, I get banned for using CooCoo WhatsApp?

A. CooCoo WhatsApp offers an Anti-ban mode. CooCoo WhatsApp does not violate the official WhatsApp policies. It just allows you to modify the user interface. We recommend that you do not reinstall the application and to verify it frequently.

Can I use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device?

A. CooCoo WhatsApp uses as the codename for their application com.whatsapp. This means you can not use official WhatsApp. But, you can still use other modded WhatsApp apps like NSWhatsApp. IOS WhatsApp. WhatsApp Aero.

Can CooCoo WhatsApp be used on an iOS device?

hahaha .The answer is no. The APK package was used by the application, which is only compatible with the Android operating system.

How to update CooCoo WhatsApp?

You will be notified via popup when an update is available. To receive future updates, you can bookmark the page webloaded tech

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