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5 Ways To Stop Phones From Hanging

Nowadays, the most common problem with people using Android phones is the problem of the phones “hanging” over time. Whenever an Android phone hangs, we can not find out immediately the exact reason as there are lots of possible reasons.

Major Ways To Stop Phones From Hanging

Here are some of our top reasons, tips and Solution to avoid hanging problems in your device.

  • Using Task Manager
  • Avoiding Live Wallpaper
  • Clearing Cache Regularly
  • Deleting Unwanted Apps
  • Monitor your internal memory

Use your Task Manager well

Task Manager is a useful tool which can be use to manage a phone’s memory in other to stop it from hanging. By proper management of your task u can you can clear away some unused app from your phone in other to clear up space.

Close the unwanted apps running on the background using Task Manager on Android devices. For Windows users, you can download the Task Manager apps from the store.

Task Manager to Stop Android Phones From Hanging

Avoid Live Wallpaper on phones

Generally, things that can use up a phone memory should be avoided because thats what keeps the RAM occupied. Live Wallpaper is a very big example of such things.

Don’t keep animated or Live wallpaper, as it would directly affect RAM’s performance. Try to keep your device display with simple or no wallpaper.

Avoiding Live Wallpaper to avoid phone hanging

Clear Cache Regularly to stop phones from hanging

This is  a hardware or software component that stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster; the data stored in a cache might be the result of an earlier computation or a copy of data stored elsewhere.

Generally, the apps which we are using daily create cache resulting in hangs and lags. However, it should be cleared on regular basis.

Clearing Cache to avoid phone from hanging

Delete unwanted data on phones

Free up internal as well as external memory as much as you can by deleting/moving unnecessary files.

This is very important in keeping the RAM of a phone clean. When the RAM of a phone gets congested, the Phone begins to hang.

Uninstalling apps to prevent phone hangs

Monitoring Internal memory

Too much use of phone memory is the main reason to get phone hanged. To solve the hanging problem in your Android phone move all your data’s including songs, videos and other info in SD card.

Internal Storage monitoring in preventing android phone hanging


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