3 Easy Steps"How To Know Original Memory Card

3 Easy Steps”How To Know Original Memory Card

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Despite the influx of smartphones with big RAM and internal storage, the importance of MicroSD, otherwise called memory card cannot be pushed aside. It serves as a means of portable storage especially when you want to change your handset. However, getting a good quality memory card seems to be a big challenge to many, and that we will be dealing with here in this post.

Fake memory cards are now selling everywhere, and their packaging makes it even more difficult to distinguish them from an original one. There are several cases where someone will buy an alleged 62GB SDcard only to discover that it only takes 8GB files, or a 32GB MC that can only accommodate 4GB files.

Counterfeit memory cards are sold very cheap, and some ‘good’ traders will even ask if you want original one or fake, lol. But one mistake you should never, ever make is to buy it, because all your files, documents and videos will just dissappear in a blink of an eye.

Don’t be fooled by the packaging or the logos drawn on a memory card. Sometimes, you will even see Samsung Evo + Sandisk + Transcend ontop only one SDcard, haba! na only you waka come?

How To Confirm Original Memory Card

How To Know Original Memory Card

I introduce you to SD Insight, a free, fast and easy-to-use mobile application that allows you to see SD card manufacturing details, the original size and many more details which your ordinary file manager can’t display. Once you insert an SD card into your phone, its information will be displayed in a simple format within few seconds.

How To Know Original Memory Card

How To Confirm Original Memory Card

  • Download SD Insight from Google Play store;
  • Insert an SDcard into your Android cell phone. (you may need to switch off your cell phone to do this);
  • Open the SD Insight app. In seconds, your SDcard information will be displayed in an easy to understand format on the cell phone’s screen.

How To Know Original Memory Card

From there, you can see information such as manufacturer’s name, date of manufacture, product name and serial number. In addition, you can click the Menu button to see more detailed information about your memory card. Validation of the memory card against its class rating for the minimum data transfer rate can also be viewed with this app (e.g. Classes 2, 4, 6 and 10).

Once you go to a store to buy a new memory card, first of all collect it for testing, then you can use the above method in the presence of the seller to check the authenticity of the SDcard to avoid stories that touches.

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